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How to Pick Your Box Spring

With your mattress there's two different heights of box springs. 9” and 5.25” to ensure you have the right mattress support that suits your bed height preference. There is no difference in support between the high profile box spring, and the low profile, just the difference in height.

  • Sealy Low Profile Box Spring

    5 ¼” Low Profile Box Spring
    Newer mattresses tend to have a thicker profile so that they can offer new levels of additional comfort and support. Which is great for your nights sleep, but it also increases your bed height. To ensure your bed does not get too high, many are switching over to the low profile box spring. The low profile box spring provides the exact same amount of support for you and your mattress, its just shorter and can offset the additional inches your new mattress will add to your bed height.

  • Sealy Low Profile Box Spring

    Standard 9” Box Spring
    This is the traditional height of a box spring. If you aren’t looking to change the height of your box spring this is the foundation that you are looking for. Keep in mind though many mattresses these days are thicker to provide additional layers of comfort and support. So if you purchase a thicker mattress, and still use the standard height box spring your bed height will rise. If you are worried about your bed height getting to high the lower profile box spring is probably the better option.

The only difference between these two foundations is the height of your bed. You will not sacrifice any support for your mattress.